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Quick, check Liba Bray for injuries. Does she have a scar on her cheek from her tongue being planted there for the duration of writing her latest book? Has her sharp wit escaped and lacerated something? Perhaps her computer is still snorting gb through its USB drive? Seriously, have you read this book? If you have, you must still be chortling (yes, that is an actual sound you will make, my sparkle ponies, along with guffaws, belly laughs, and even giggles. Trust me).

BEAUTY QUEENS by Libba Bray (Scholastic, May 2011) is sort of a mash up. Think LOST meets the Miss Teen USA pageant meets SURVIVOR. Now imagine all that with footnotes, with interludes that provide special fun facts about our main characters, and with words from our sponsors. Libba Bray takes a plane full of teenaged beauty contestants and crash lands them on an island. This is not a Gilligan's Island, but ostensibly a deserted island, one that the survivors must make less hostile for their survival. Of course, they are certain their rescue is coming quickly because, after all, they are contestants for the MISS TEEN DREAM crown., The world cannot possibly go on without them and their glamour and fashion sense and talents. Little do they know that there are other residents on this deserted island, residents that have to make sure to do away with the Miss Teen Dream contestants (and how hard can that be, they are not exactly rocket scientists at survival, right?) in order to guarantee that their secret plans are carried out and they are able to overthrow the dictator MoMo B. Chacha. <19>

It is nearly impossible to describe what Libba Bray has created within the pages of BEAUTY QUEENS. Hilarity, the funny? Yes. Pointed commentary on the vapid nature of beauty contests? Check. Political satire? Um, yeah. Oh, and a good dollop of sparkliness and high kicks and choreography? You betcha. Footnotes? They are a book in and of themselves, too. And don't forget the pirates! There is nothing quite like a determined group of teens to turn the oeuvre of damsels in distress right on its ass. And now I owe a quarter to the curse jar.

Order your copy now! And now for a word from our sponsor...
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