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Nonfiction rocks!

Having just completed my term on the YALSA EXCELLENCE IN NONFICTION FOR YOUNG ADULTS Committee, you might think I was tired of reading nonfiction. Nope. I find myself drawn to it since I know I have so much catching up to do after all those years when I avoided it like the plague. So, here are two good nonfiction books for tweens and young teens.

I love this series from Scholastic. 100 MOST AWESOME THINGS ON THE PLANET by Anna Claybourne joins titles that include 100 disgusting things, This slim and slick book chronicles everything from Mount Everest to the Namib Desert to a supernova and The Great Wall of China. Pictures and text overlap and sometimes collide in this book sure to be a hit for kids looking to browse the topic and those looking to pore over every page. <15>

MYTHBUSTERS SCIENCE FAIR BOOK by Sandra Margles presents your favorite guys from Mythbusters encouraging readers to use the scientific method to prove or disprove whether or not Menthos can cause a diet soft drink to explode in volcanic like fashion. What else can cola do? Can it loosen a rusty bolt? Can it dissolve a steak or a human tooth? Answers to these and other questions lurk between the covers of this book (Scholastic 2011). <16>
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