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lucky 13 and 14

Two for the price of one today in the posting. Here are a couple of new picture books. Not quite a Picture Book Monday Special Thursday Edition, but the best I could do given morning doctor appointments and after noon haircut and adding in email and all kinds of "fun" (note use of ironic quotes) details about an upcoming presentation I am fairly certain I am now canceling. But, on to the good stuff.

Strangely, I could only find the cover for HAVE YOU SEEN DUCK? by Janet Holmes with lovely pastel-hued illustrations by Jonathan Bentley in its French edition. In any event, this is a charming story of a young boy whose stuffed duck is his boon companion. Of coursem the duck is now lost. How can this boy survive without his special friend? <13>

I'M ME by Sara Sheridan with illustrations by Margaret Chamberlain gives readers a glimpse into the life of a young girl who loves to visit her favorite aunt. Today, though Imogene does not want to pretend to be a pirate or a princess. She just wants to be herself. <14>

I will try to blog some more later. For now, I have to get back to the INBOX...
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