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Arm chair quarter backs

Back from ALA Midwinter finally. Unpacked, laundry done, emails answered. However, in had barely left the ballroom where the Youth Media Awards were announced before the second guessers were questioning the committees' decisions. How could this book be overlooked? Why was this book the winner. A publisher asked why committee members could not reveal the discussions that took place in the process.

I will admit that I was one of these folks before serving on selection committees myself. And were there some books I loved this year that did not get all the love I would have wished for them. However, I do understand that there is a process followed by each committee. And I trust the process. It is easy to play arm chair quarter back after announcements are made. It is simple to criticize decisions, it is much tougher to do the work of the committees, reading books, re-reading books, annotating the reading, discussing fine points with committee members, seeing flaws and strengths through the eyes and comments of colleagues and fellow committee members, and more. So,I applauded the announcements with gusto.

Of course, I had read most of the winners given the more than 500 books I read last year, too. Kudos to the committees. I hope others will thank them for their work, too. If your favorites did not make the list, then you promote the book yourself, talk to others about it, tweet it, etc. And read the winners, too.

For me, it is on to 2011 debut novels for the Morris Committee which I will chair this coming year. The 5 shortlisted for 2011 were all fabulous reads!
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