professornana (professornana) wrote,

chapter by chapter part two

INVISIBLE INKLING is by Emily Jenkins (aka E. Lockhart) and illustrated by Harry Bliss (Balzer and Bray, May 2011). Inkling is actually a bandapat, a creature native to the Peruvian Woods of Mystery if you believe everything he tells you (and that would probably not be a good idea). He needs squash to survive and so he has traveled far to come to the ice cream store owned by Hank's parents, THE BIG ROUND PUMPKIN. Of course, hilarity ensues when Hank suddenly has an invisible "friend." However, the bandapat does intend to help Hank with a bully to repay him. It seems Hank saved the bandapat's life from the dreaded Rootbeer, a neighbor's dog. <11>

Though humorous in tone, INVISIBLE INKLING does deal with the issues of family, friends, and bullying quite nicely. Nothing didactic here: just a romp of a chapter book for 4-6 graders.
Tags: chapter books, tween
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