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CINDER-SMELLA by Alan Sitomer (eReadia, 2010) is an adaptation of, of course, the classic Cinderella. Sitomer, a former, English Teacher of the Year in California, is the author of some YA novels including HOMEBOYZ. He decided to publish this variation of Cinderella in ebook (available in Kindle format for $1.99). In Sitomer's take on the classic, Cinderella's problem, in addition to the mean stepmother and stepsisters and all the chores she is forced to do, is her stinky feet caused by not wearing socks with her shoes. Ultimately, her fairy hairy godfather appears and helps her prepare to meet her Prince at a ball at Rockefeller Center's skating rink. Her transportation? A skateboard. The slippers? Pumpkins. All, of course, ends happily. Tie this one to RAPUNZEL AND THE SEVEN DWARDS for another take on a familiar fairy tale.

Sitomer has written about his decision to publish in e-format on his blog. He raises some interesting issues: will reviewers take these ebooks seriously or dismiss them because they do not have the power of a publishing house behind them? Certainly, having the efforts of an established publisher helps get out word about books. Does it guarantee books are superior? Are all self-published books somehow less worthy of review? Unfortunately, there are no cut-and-dried answers. In the end, it will all depend upon the quality being offered readers.
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