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Day 5-plane food for thought

Arrived in San Diego for ALAMW. Long plane ride (100 mph head winds and lots of bumps) made it possible to read my #bookaday and part of a second book as well. EMPTY by Suzanne Weyn is a story set in the too-near future, a time when the world has run out of fossil fuels. Gas can cost more than $80 per gallon when it is available. America is now at war with Venezuela trying to get access to their oil reserves. Meanwhile, back at high school...

This novel is about some teens and how the energy crisis has not really hit home with them until it literally does hit home. For Niki, Tom, and Gwen survival is not just a matter of getting along without vehicles; it is a matter of real survival. Gwen's brother Luke is stealing gas and selling it on the black market.
Tom is trying to help his mother survive after a super hurricane nearly destroys their town. Fast paced action is one feature that will bring readers to this slim novel. Interesting dilemmas and situations and ethical questions will have them talking about it long after they read it. <5>

Here is a shot from near the carrier Midway. Love this statue.

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