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Bookaday #3

WHERE I BELONG by Gwendolyn Heasley (HarperTeen, February 2011) is a book I need to review for VOYA (and they are looking for reviewers for those who might be interested. Check out the detail at Corinne has lived a life of luxury in New York City until the recession hits home. Dad loses his job; the family savings have been embezzled a la Madoff scam, and the family is forced to leave their toney digs and head to Texas to live with Mom's parents. Can you say culture shock?

Corinne is miserable, of course, in the small town of Broken Spoke, Texas. However, the jot guy who works alongside her at the stables might help her adjust a little more. Can Corinne find happiness in a place so totally not to her liking? This book combines some light romance with an equal dose of teen angst and a tad "mean girls" to create a quick read for teen girls who enjoy this combo. <3>
Tags: romance, ya
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