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Today, the resident of the back bedroom turned 18. Momentous. I saw this young woman for the first time when she was less than a whole day old. She has lived with me since she was 3. It is still hard to believe she is 18 already, a senior, thinking about the future. We had lunch with the newlyweds and then came home so she could get ready for school tomorrow and area auditions at the end of the week. Lots of scales are emanating from the back bedroom. That is fine with me as I leave for ALA MW Wednesday in San Diego. Almost a week of no flute playing. I will enjoy the break though last time I told my better half I could still hear the pieces she is practicing in my head every night as I worked in the hotel.

So, Day #2 of 2011. Here is #bookaday #2.

I love Tedd Arnold's Fly Guy and here he is in a new adventure: BUZZ BOY AND FLY GUY (Scholastic 2010). This simple small format picture/chapter book is a perfect one for one of my new presentations this year: The Changing Landscape of Literature and Literacy. It has a story within a story. How is that for complexity for young audiences? Buzz'pet is Fly Guy. One night Buzz tells Fly Guy that they are characters in a book he (Buzz) has written. Off they go to a land where they are captured by pirates, attacked by a dragon, and finally escape back home. <2>

And here is a photo of the resident of the back bedroom from Orlando eyeing her canolli.

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