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Win a FREE book!

Let's see who is paying attention. Courtesy of Tom Angleberger, I have a free copy of HORTON HALFPOTT in ARC for the first person to give me the correct answer in the reply section to the blog. What was Tom's first book? C'mon this is an easy one.

And in case you are wondering if you want this ARC, here is what I said after I read it:

HORTON HALFPOTT (Amulet 2011) is a laugh riot, a mystery, metafiction, and more. Plus, did I mention the cover glows in the dark? I am not going to tell much here since I do not want to post spoilers at all. However, Horton is a hapless kitchen boy at the beginning of the novel and much more by the end. If you like word play, the breaking of the wall between author and reader, great read alouds, maps, type faces, references to chapters not in the actual book: this is for you.

I connected this book via a long ladder to KNEEBONE BOY, TWITS, DESPEAEAUX, BONESHAKER, GOING BOVINE, CLOCKWORK THREE and ultimately to Dickens and Quixote.

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