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vampires, werewolves, and guardian angels

It all began with TANTALIZE, continued with ETERNAL and now we are BLESSED (Candlewick, January 2011) with the final book in the trilogy by Cynthia Leitich Smith. As soon as I had posted yesterday that I was reading this one for my #bookaday, I was inundated with questions about its availability. Sometimes, it is nice to have ARCs and give folks a brief glimpse into the book to whet appetites. I doubt there is much appetite whetting needed here for the fans who already know and love the books. And, of course, it is lovely to have a book set in nearby Austin as well.

BLESSED brings together Quincie P. Morris (and you should definitely see all of the references to Bram Stoker) from TANTALIZE and Zachary, the guardian angel from ETERNAL. Sanguini's Restaurant is about to reopen following the death of Quincie's uncle and the disappearance of Brad, the vampire who "blessed" her. Quincie has had to say goodbye, reluctantly, to Kieren, her boyfriend and werewolf. Her most pressing task, other than getting the restaurant back up and running, is to prevent Brad from possessing all of the powers of Dracula Prime. To do that, Quincie must learn all she can about the nature of vampirism. Her research leads her to some unusual places and people.

Fans of the first two books will appreciate how Leitich Smith brings all of the various threads together in this finale. However, those new to the books will be able to read and understand BLESSED as a stand alone as there is plenty of back story. Archetypes, motifs, and plenty of references to other vampire literature make this a terrific read for fans of the genre, too. Quincie is no shrinking violet; she is a strong young woman surrounded by danger at every turn. Lots of action and blood and gore balanced nicely with a growing romance between Quincie and Kieren. <558>

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