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Morris shortlist thoiughts

As I finish up the last of the finalists for the Morris Award, I wanted to post a short blog to say BRAVO to the committee. As someone who has served on a few selection committees, I have certainly seen what I call Monday Morning Quarterbacking when it comes to folks making comments on the books selected. It is easy to talk about the great books that did not get the recognition others felt they deserved (and I have on more than one occasion been in the room during the awards press conference and thought, "but what about...?" myself. There are so many good books that do not get those lovely stickers. However, I do know how hard the committees work to arrive at their decisions. They read and re-read and read four and five and more times. They see books we do not sometimes. They see flaws we miss or see shining examples we overlook (and having served with some of the best committee members ever, I am awed sometimes at others' insights that make me reexamine a book). But the finalists on the Morris shortlist are, without exception, exceptional. I might have missed 3 of these (I had read 2) books had it not been for their appearance on the shortlist.

And soon I will be the one looking at debut novels as chair of the 2012 Morris Committee. There are some excellent debut novels that will come our way. First novels that are simply brilliant and hold the promise of more to come. It is an exciting time to be in YA and to be a reader. I thank the current committee for bringing us some fabulous reads. And hurray for ebook versions!!!!
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