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special graduation edition of Picture Book Monday

I came up to campus today to wish all of our LS grads good luck and to give out some hugs. I did not do the grad walk as it involves flights of stairs and the torn cartilage in the knee is not up to that until it gets repaired (and that is months off, long story). So, I grabbed a few spare moments to read a few picture books to share with you.

JUST ONE BITE by Lola Schaefer with illustrations by Geoff Waring presents animals and the actual size of the bites they are able to take. We start small with a worm and the amount of dirt he/she can manage in one bite (see the period at the end of this sentence? that is about it). Gradually, the insects and animals grow as do the size of their bites. A wonderful appendix provides more information about each animal in the book. CHRONICLE BOOKS, 2010. <542>

LOTS OF DOTS (Chronicle Books, 2010) by Craig Frazier has glorious endpapers full of dots of many colors and sizes. The book talks about dots (circles) and their variety and function from skateboard wheels to bubbles to ice cream and peas all in a rhythmic text. Perfect for reading aloud, perfect for concept development, too. <543>

THE GREATEST SNOWMAN IN THE WORLD (Harper, 2010) by Peter Hannan buzzes with energy from the cover to the last page. I am somehow reminded of a Ren and Stimpy cartoon (hope the reference is understood) as an energetic trip try to construct and then save their version of a snowman. <544>
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