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west Texas in July: hot hot hot

The temperature hit triple digits today in San Angelo. Thankfully, I was inside all day conducting a workshop on YA literature for librarians and teachers. Tonight I sat and finished the book sent my by the venerable Linda Benson to review for VOYA: POWERS by Deborah Lynn Jacobs. Gwen and Aidan both possess psychic powers though neither has ever met until the day Aidan comes to Gwen's school as the new kid in town. Their connection is immediate and dangerous. Aidan can read Gwen's thoughts; Gwen's powers allow her to see things in the future. Together they could make a formidable team. However, their relationship is more antagonistic and mistrustful at first. The book has elements of suspense and the supernatural along with romance, peer interaction, and much more. I think kids who loved Joan Lowery Nixon's books such as WHISPERS FROM THE DEAD and other titles will find this a quick read.
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