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random thoughts while driving

I drove to San Marcos yesterday so I could attend the funeral of my friend and colleague's father this morning. He died at the rip old age of 98, and we wanted a chance to attend the service and give our support to our friend. The service was absolutely lovely. The music the readings the homily, and the obituary were so personal and so perfect.

On the drive home, I had good company. Katniss and Peeta and Gale from MOCKINGJAY, the audio. I did not finish the entire book (it is 10 CDs and I am about half through those), but tomorrow I will drive to the Woodlands and back (another 1-2 CDs) and Saturday is graduation (another 1-2), so it will not be long before I have listened to the last in the Hunger Games trilogy. I have read this series as well, and that always leads to some interesting thoughts as I am listening. Sometimes I hear something I do not recall reading (maybe I skimmed?). Sometimes, I think, wait, did that miss something from the book? It is interesting to compare the experience of listening after reading to reading after listening or just listening or just reading. Which is better? Can that be determined for any given book?

Of course, driving home is always a quicker drive for some reason, too. And today I was not driving into the sun. So, I am home for the night and for the holidays save for errands and dinner on Christmas with the newlyweds. This is good because I still have a LONG to-do list. Hope to check some of it off over the next few days including mailing the rest of the gifts to go into the mail. Thankfully, they will be flat envelope mailings, so I think they will still arrive in time without sounding an arm and a leg.

Book posts coming soon. Just need to be more alert and coherent. Cannot do that on 3-4 hours of sleep (which is what I had last night).
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