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When you are not sleeping well, there are many tings that can go wrong. One positive note, though, is getting more books read some mornings and evenings. So, here is what I finished last night. I am spending the morning catching up with emails and social networking and my PLN. I will turn to the other book I brought along for the trip before I head out for the day.

I <3 Jarrett Krosoczka. I love his picture books and I adore the Lunch Lady graphic novels for young readers. Here is the latest installment in the series: LUNCH LADY AND THE BAKE SALE BANDITS (Knopf, December 2010). The kids are all bringing the goodies for a bake sale which will finance a field trip (and a la Ms. Frizzle's stories, this field trip will become the topic of the next book). However, they have a bus driver who is, well let's just call her a bit unbalanced. She careens around corners and flies through intersections without giving much thought to the safety of the children. She hates kids because they mess up her bus. The bake sale goodies are stolen during a power outage and Lunch Lady and her earnest assistant, Betty, are on the case. <538>

If you have not seen this series, rush out and read the first others (evil librarians are the focus of one, cyborg substitutes and author visits are also in the series). And this is one to accompany BABYMOUSE series by Jenni and Matt Holm. I love the fact that there are GN series available for younger readers, too. And, the younger audience does not mean older readers will not appreciate the humor and the art and the GN format. As a matter of fact, here is a great starting place to look at the form and format. Color (yellow and black and white) is another wonderful feature to explore with kids who will later have to tackle "The Masque of the Red Death" and other pieces where color plays an essential role.

Now, off to do some more reading and drink more coffee.
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