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OK, now the non-book blog

I still have 3-4 books left to blog, but I wanted to get this down before it fell out of my sleep-deprived mind. As I was driving up to the office Monday (that would be yesterday right?), a passage from the Bible jumped into my brain (OK, I see those raised eyebrows; Bible? Lesesne? Oxymoron much?). It is a phrase about Mary keeping some things in her heart.

I keep some things in my heart in a different way, I think. I store up some things for those days when I am facing tough situations and feel lke throwing myself a good ole pity party (and I know I am not alone in these parties). Here are some things I keep in my heart: a former student who wrote about how I influenced him when he was an 8th grader in my class. He did this in a reading autobiography for a class he was taking (you know who you are...) and the professor called and read me a piece of it. I sat in my office and stored that sucker away for the days when I think I do not make a difference. And then there was Saturday, watching the resident of the back bedroom giving an impromptu lesson to one of her fellow band members and competitors on how to play the solo he had. Plus watching her play as well. She feels the music and makes me feel it as well. There was the newlywed coming to the house despite feeling awful to help me get ready for the faculty party and then calling me Monday to see how it went and what folks thought about the "decor."

One of my favorite "in my heart" moments is the card my better half enclosed for several years with the flowers that arrived for our anniversary (Gone again. Flowers again. Love always). Such simple things, but so important to keep close.

I hope all of you have "in the heart" moments. I know that some of mine are painful ones to take out and examine from time to time, but they are just as essential. Those I think I will keep for another post. One thing I have learned about insomnia is that tears are too close to the surface. I received a lovely letter today from THE FRIENDS OF ESTHER (her family) that I just had to put aside. I had a tough time even telling my better half about it.

And now, back to books and reading.
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