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I had not read any of Alyson Noel's IMMORTALS series, but decided to give a listen to the MacMillan Audio (2010) of the 5th novel in the series. First, I am happy to report that there was plenty of backstory so that I finally pieced together what had transpired in the previous books. Second, I know why there are some hard-core fans of this series (and I suspect they are mostly female without fear that I am being sexist, at least as concerns this book). In Book Five, NIGHT STAR (MacMillan Audio 2010), Ever and Damen are once again facing down enemies. In this case, the most danger is posed by Haven, a new Immortal who seems addicted to the elixir that keeps Immortals young and fresh. She is after Ever for a number of reasons (no plot spoilers here) and does her best to destroy her and anyone who cares for Ever as well. Damen is, of course, there to help Ever in her battles. <537>

Set in California with scenes ranging from school to bookstore to a magical place where Ever and Damen can come as close to physical contact as Immortals can there are elements of "Mean Girls" (Haven is SO not a nice person at all) meets the supernatural meets romance meets a little physical combat. I think listening to it gave me an appreciation for the readership that I might not have noticed otherwise. I know this audience and they are sucking this series in (Amazon says there are 2 million copies in print). The next book is to be the final one in this series, but Noel did talk about taking a slightly different tack with some of the characters from earlier books and telling some of their stories down the road.
Tags: audiobooks, immortals, romance, series, supernatural
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