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still listening

Here is a quick and quirky book with audio CD from August House (April, 2011) called RAPUNZEL AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. Told by Willy Claflin and illustrated by James Stimson, it s a Maynard the Moose tale that features a rather hard of hearing Rapunzel who is being kept in a tower because her long hair is too difficult to keep clean otherwise. One day a hefty prince ask Rapunzel to let down her hair. She throws a pear and a chair before getting it right. However, due to the girth of the prince, Rapunzel is dashed into a pond and ends up being rescued by dwarfs (Clumsy, Cheerful Fearful, Hyper, Hungry, Grizelda, Ambidextrous and sometimes Bewildered; that is right, there are more than 7). The plot moves from here in a very fractured fashion. Think Norm Crosby meets Victor Borge (and I know these references date me and will confuse some of you. Use GOOGLE) and you have some idea of the degree of fractitude. All ends happily if unpredictably. <536>
Tags: audio, listening, picture books
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