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While I have some other topics to address soon, I wanted to take a few moments to blog some books. I have a stack at home, but I can do the two audiobooks I listened to as I drive west (into the sun) this afternoon. I am now on a balcony overlooking the Guadalupe River and calming down and can almost see without spots.

So, here are the audios.

THE CLOCKWORK THREE by Matthew Kirby (Scholastic 2010) is a fascinating audio as three separate stories merge into one as the plot progresses. Listeners will meet Hannah who is struggling to serve as a maid to some rather harsh bosses. Her family needs the income since her father is incapacitated. Giuseppe, stolen from Italy and brought to America, is forced to earn his keep (a la Dickens) and turn money over to his master each night or face being thrown into the basement with the rats. And then, there is Frederick, saved from an orphanage and apprenticed to a clockmaker. Their paths intersect and all three of them search for a hidden treasure that just might save each of them. Marc Thompson, the narrator, brings to life not only these three children but a wide cast of characters, some nefarious, some mysterious, some a bit daft. For readers/listeners who loved HUGO CABRET, novels of Blue Baliett, and/or steampunk with a hint of magic, there is much here to like. <535>

It is marked for 3-6 grade, but I do think the book and the audio are perfectly suited for tweens and young teens as well. One of the hallmarks for me of a good audio is its ability to cross down and then up the generic readership.
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