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So, I already posted about this book, but the lovely folks at Listening Library/Books on Tape (thanks, Jennifer R), burned me a disk with the audio of OF THEE, I SING by Barack Obama, narrated by Andre Braugher. I sat listening to it, transfixed, and openly weeping yesterday. From the lovely notes of an old fashioned piano medley that plays and then fades nicely under the announcement of the title, etc, to the last lingering syllable, this is a gem of an audio. It is just shy of 7 minutes from start to finish and it is a wonderful experience from beginning to end. The pacing, inflection, careful pronunciation ("lunar landing leaps" and "big bold strides" are sheer perfection IMHO), and most of all that resonant voice work so well to convey the spirit and heart of this picture book. I felt as though Braugher were channeling President Obama. I have no way of knowing if any discussion took place between the two or not. Part of me wants to think it did not and Braugher knew exactly how and what and when (with, of course, terrific direction in the booth). Part of me sees an audio summit where discussion took place. It does not matter. <534>

The finished product (available in download). Here is the linky thing:

Thanks, Jennifer for taking the time to send me the disk. I am in the process of telling everyone I know to download and listen to this book. Wow.
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