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rediscovering the classics GN style

I remember my first reading of THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. I remember repeated re-readings from time to time during the years. With all of the push to try to keep up with the demands of new books, though, sometimes re-reading has to suffer. Thanks to the new GN versions of classics, I am able to renew my love of books that have held meaning for me at some point. Thus it is with the GN adaptaion of THE LITTLE PRINCE by Joann Sfar (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2010). There is something about the design and layout that makes this GN move at a more leisurely pace than most I read. I suspect part of this is due to the fact that the text is spare (1-2 sentences per speech bubble) and that there are, for the most part, 6 panels per page. (OK, I can hear my friends more versed in GN snickering; hey, I am trying to suss it all out).

The colors shift, sometimes to show mood, sometimes to show passage of time, sometimes for more tonal qualities. The adaptation is sure-footed. The insights are there; the lessons laid bare without being preachy (IMHO, though it is intended to be lesson-like). The little prince has HUGE eyes (not quite anime, though), wide open to all of the experiences he can drink in at one time. The pilot is more heavy-lidded, more jaded, until he develops the relationship with the prince. All in all, a very satisfying read, re-read, and future read. Thanks for taking such are with this adaptation. It could easily have been a cartoon-ish adaptation in less capable hands. <533>

Off soon to attend a 4 hour meeting. YIKES. I hope at least I learn something new. Tomorrow is the resident of the back bedroom's concert as first chair flute in District/Region band. I will post out to Facebook some clips from the Flip cam of this remarkable kid and musician. She blows me away!
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