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Many thanks to all my friends at Twitter and Facebok who provided me with suggestions for the Spring required reading list for my literature for tweens and teens class (technically, it is called YA Literature, but we have included tweens in both the children's and YA classes to ensure they do not slip between the cracks). One of the overwhelming favorites (mentioned by dozens) was this book: ALABAMA MOON by Watt Key (Square Fish, 2010, 2006). I missed this little gem somehow when it emerged among the thousands of others. I am so happy that friends "found" it for me. It is on the list (and the next post will be the new list for all to see and comment/criticize; feel free since I change at least 5-10 titles each toime I teach the class). It is also one of those quiet books (another post to come shortly) that flew under the radar.

When Moon's father dies, he is left living on his own out in the woods. His family had fled into the forest years earlier and basically cut themselves off from others. The why of this is part of what we learn along with Moon as he leaves his "sanctuary" and comes face to face with the world his father feared. Before long, Moon is in a boys' facility. He and two others escape. This book has it all: mystery, adventure and survival, family, friendship, humor. Fast paced, short chapters: perfect for reluctant readers, of course. But there is so much more here than a quick read. Thanks, tweeps, for the recommendation and the terrific read. <532>

Possible Ladder rungs:

REVOLVER by Sedgewick
HATCHET books by Paulsen
WE WERE THERE by delaPena

More to come later....
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