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look it's a book blog posting!

This is the book I was sent to review for VOYA. I finished it last night while waiting for the "holiday" concert to begin (they played Christmas music only but holiday it is despite the fact they pray before football games, gotta love it). It is an adult book and will have, I think, some limited appeal.

NAKED IN EDEN by Robin Easton is a memoir of her journey into the Australian outback with her new husband. The two loved off the land in the Daintree Rainforest, a remote area. For Robin, it is a voyage of self discovery and awareness of her place in the universe. I could see some teachers (Paul???) using passages to introduce the idea of reflecting on life out in nature as a prelude to reading pieces of Thoreau and Emerson and others along with the lovely GN on Thoreau's WALDEN from the Center for the Study of Cartoons. Most of the book, however, is firmly adult: the voice, the observations, the philosophizing. At times, it is a tad flowery for me. I wanted to see a bit more balance between the "adventure" and the reflection. I guess I wanted it to be more Gary Paulsen who always lets me see the nature but also moves me forward with action and reflection. Or more Laurie Halse Anderson (FORGE comes to mind) who manages to do both with such skill, or Tobin Anderson's masterful OCTAVIAN NOTHING. <531>
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