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Proud moments

I do promise to blog the books I have read soon (tomorrow). I read one while waiting for the "holiday" concert tonight at the high school. The resident of the back bedroom arrived home at 1 this morning from her latest audition. She made first chair flute for the region and district bands and will perform this weekend. Tonight she performed Carol of the Bells in a trio of flutes. Proud moment, one I will post out to Facebook once I download it from the FLIP.

Today was a kitten juggling kind of day. I intended to do some work of my own but had some other things get in the way. I did manage to read and review and help revise two grant narratives for colleagues (and was thrilled to do so since they both deserve funding) and then had to deal with some student issues at the end of the semester. Of course, those are always urgent on the part of the student who has placed her or himself in a bad situation and needs/wants more sympathy than I can muster. Still I gritted my teeth and got that done along with emails and grading and reading and other stuff.

Tomorrow I hope for time to do the YALSA app blog scheduled, the review of the book I finished reading at the concert (not a very good one, I fear, and it is for adults and I am not sure it has teen appeal). I did order Kindle versions of the Morris shortlist books I had not read. I am planning what to serve when the department comes to the house for our Christmas party Sunday,

Through it all, there was my Scout, making sure I was there to let him out on his new porch to check for spying cats and swooping birds. He provided much of the delight during the day. The resident provided it tonight. She is some kid. I am immensely proud of her. She works hard and accomplishes her goals and helps others reach theirs. She announced tonight that she is looking forward to being a band teacher. *SIGHS*

And the newlywed called to let me know she is coming Saturday to get the tree up and hang stuff back on our walls that have been bare since the painters left some weeks ago. I think I might just become less Grinch-like and more God bless us, every one.

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