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proving me wrong--not an easy thing

Anyone who follows me here or on Twitter or in real life, knows that I possess strong opinions (really?). One of them has to do with celebrity books. So, when the lovely and animated and terrific Adrienne Waintraub called me over to the Random House booth at NCTE and told me she wanted to show me the new Barack Obama book, I froze. What if it was awful? All I knew was the title, OF THEE I SING (and I go back far enough to know that musical number) with a subtitle LETTER TO MY DAUGHTERS. Gulp, didactic anyone?

NOT, IN, THE. LEAST. Pardon some gushing here. You can turn away of it bothers you.

First, Loren Long has done an incredible job bringing the text to full force life. I have long admired his work (hiss art for MR. PEABODY'S APPLES by Madonn WAS ITs SAVING GRACE, THE ONLY ONE). Each and every illustration in this book comes alive with is use of color and placement and perspective. I adore and appreciate the non-linear, chronology of the people Obama wants his kids to know. I appreciate their range and diversity as well. It is delicate and not ham-handed (as it well could be). Every person with whom I have shared the book, including my better half, has seen what I mean and they are not the ones who focus on books for children for a living. I hope this book finds its way into lots of homes. I hope it is read aloud and mulled over and talked about. I know I have copies ready for mailing to my far flung nieces and nephews and grandsons, all Republicans (well, their parents are). No matter. This book should not become political fodder in the least. Those who do that will be doing it a huge injustice/disservice. <530>
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