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I volunteered to come to campus this morning to monitor a practice test for our grad students preparing for certification. I have completed a great deal of work in this quiet venue. No flute playing (though the resident treated me to a rare concert yesterday of all her pieces for competition), and no Scout trying to make the laptop fall over to get my attention. No better half asking where the bread is (on the counter). So, my colleague's IMLS grant narrative has been read and commented upon and returned. I have culled books to give to these test-takers including some pop-ups I keep for when someone needs a lift. And, I read this handful of F&Gs from HOLIDAY HOUSE due out next year.

DOG IN BOOTS by Greg Gormley with illustrations by Roberta Angaramo (Holiday House 2011) opens as dog reads "Puss in Boots" and decides he needs shoes as well. Off to the shoemaker. Various shoes just do not seem to be adept at all the needs dog has. Some are fine for swimming but not for scratching, etc. Adults will see the ending coming, but it should surprise younger readers. And, there is a nice little addition at the end so that they can continue their own stories. <526>

FOXY AND EGG by Alex Smith (Holiday House 2011) has a fabulous title page that lists the "stars" of the book almost as a theater bill. When Egg (aka, Edward L'Oueuf) comes to call, Foxy (better known as Vivien Vixen) has plans, big plans. Think Hansel and Gretel with Egg as Hansel and Foxy as the witch. Art is exquisite with plenty of framing, collage, patterns, etc. <527>

NEW RED BIKE by James Ransome (Holiday House 2011) shows the utter delight Tom is having on his new bike as he pedals up and down and around and through the town. Until. the. bike. disappears. All ends happily. Pair this one with ALONG A LONG ROAD (Litle Brown) which I blogged yesterday). <528>

NO FAIR SCIENCE FAIR by Nancy Podar (Holiday House 2011) lets readers know right of the bat that the science fair First, he has a tough time settling on a project. Then, his project seems to just not be working out the way he had hoped. Thanks for his excellent teacher (thanks for this! so nice to see good teachers in books for kids), there is hope. This book would be great as an early part of a ladder that will include th Ms. Frizzle books and Vicki Cobb;s science books, too. <529>
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