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Picture book Friday

Another day, another waiting room. Another book. Life is good overall. The resident of the back bedroom got the big fat envelope from the university yesterday which makes it official. We knew three months ago she was accepted, but the paperwork...and this is at MY university, too, where I cannot do a thing to help as we are transitioning from one operating system to another and kids are being left hanging. Niiiicce work. But she is accepted and has already, I think dismissed the rest of senior year. We will have to work on that over Christmas break.

In the meantime, here are some picture books (some missing covers as usual places have no art yet) from the lovely Victoria Stapleton at Little Brown. All are 2011 pub dates. Look for them at Amazon and Titlewave. Most of them are listed there.

CHAMELIA by Ethan Long does not like to blend in. She has STYLE and loves to demonstrate it to all. Connect with ELLA SARAH GETS DRESSED and Eric Carle's MIXED UP CHAMELEON, too.

Frank Viva gives readers a visual treat with ALONG A LONG ROAD. Simple colors, mostly black and white with touches of blues and sienna,. a biker goes up, down, around, past, through, back, etc. Great to read aloud and share and perhaps even ask kids about those pesky parts of speech known as prepositions if you dare. Pair with ROUND TRIP by Ann Jonas.

SUBSTITUTE CREACHER by Chris Gall sports a lovely iridescent green alien with bow tie sitting at the teacher's desk. The cover alone should make kids crawl inside and learn about the past misdeeds that have sent this creacher to sub in a classroom. Pair with the MISS NELSON books, of course. And for a longer work, THIRTEEN WAYS TO SINK A SUB, a MG favorite of mine by Jamie Gilson.

THE I'M NOT SCARED BOOK by Todd Parr is for all of us who possess fears. It helps point out that fears can be dealt with, sometimes easily, sometimes not. I love the bold colors, blues and reds with black and white accents that make things stand out on the page. Pair with MAMA DO YOU LOVE ME? by Barbara Joosse.

HOGWASH by Karma Wilson with illustrations by Jim McMullan is a terrific case of farmer versus pigs. All of the other animals like their baths or at least tolerate them. Not so much the pigs. A nice twist at the end will leave readers giggling. Pair with Cronin and Lewin's series about the animals versus Farmer Brown (CLICK CLACK MOO COWS THAT TYPE, for starters).

Joan Steiner's LOOK ALIKES: SEEK-AND-SEARCH PUZZLES is a favorite type f book for me. I love spotting differences and finding hidden objects. It all goes back to the days when I would read HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN before seeing the dentist. I loved when I got a pristine copy I could mark up on my own. Great for developing visual literacy and acuity.

And last, but not the least, THE VERY FAIRY PRINCESS TAKES THE STAGE by Julie Andrws and Emma Walton Hamilton with illustrations by Christine Davenier brings back a favorite character and plants her on stage though not in the lead role Gerry had envisioned. Instead, she is the Court Jester. However, do not discount the impact one court jester might have on a performance. Bravo!

OK, that is all for now. More later after waiting rooms, I suspect.
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