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hanging out with Dante in Hell

So, today was another visit to the doctor. Basically, she likes me to go do the blood work and then see her about 3 hours later when she gets the results (longg boring story but I am doing well). That means I did some quick shopping for the holidays and then sat in an office and read. Took two books since I never know how long the wait will be and the magazines are AWFUL (something called SELF that is aptly named). Here is the first book I finished:

I read Dante in college; I know I did. I might have appreciated the experience so much more had I seen this GN first. Now, I am ready to go back and tackle Dante anew. I will try to do some justice to this GN, but my thoughts were all over the place as I read it and I jotted notes on the little slips of paper (I think they might have been the receipts from my shopping) that now I cannot quite decipher. Dante is reminiscent to me of a sort of Dick Tracey looking character. Virgil looks a bit like Hercule Poirot. That worked for me just fine though some purists might not "get" it. The entrance to the express line to Limbo lookslike the entrance to Opryland (and this so worked for me). Rather than the poetry, what we have is a more literal recounting of the journey from Hell and back again. Stark in black and white, it is to me the perfect way to give readers a glimpse into the Divine Comedy and all of the allusions that reside there. It is still, to me, relevant from a popular culture perspective as well and I can think of tons of things that I want to suggest to tie to this book. Here is how one starred review ended (Kirkus): "the artist makes the Divine Comedy irresistibly comic and inspirationally transcendent. " Yes, it does.
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