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29 November 2010 @ 04:13 am
catching up with everything save sleep  
So, here are some updates on the books of late.

Before leaving for Orlando, I read this one:

PICK UP GAME, EDITED BY mARC aRONSON AND cHARLES r. sMITH (cANDLEWICK, fEBRUARY 2011) is a collection of stories and poems all set on one day of full court basketball. Adam Rapp, Walter Dean Myers, Joseph Bruchac, Rita Williams-Garcia, Sharon Flake, Willie Perdomo, Bruce Brooks, Bob Burliegh, Bob Lipsyte. and Charles Smith all are contributors to this collection that needs to find its way into the hands of readers. I say this, of course, after spending many years unearthing books from the SC (story collection) shelves and placing them within the fiction stacks. I love short stories. I love the form. I love that I can share them aloud quickly to whet an appetite for more. So, find this collection, select one to read aloud as a way of booktalking it to the audience who will appreciate it. And be careful not to typecast/stereotype here. I loved basketball. Still do. Loved MOVES MAKE THE MAN. Still do/ And this collection offers voices that range from those who write sports tories (Lipsyte, Smith, Brooks) though to label them as such diminishes their work. It also, though, has some new voices including Flake and Williams-Garcia (female voices in sports....) and Bruchac and Perdomo. Think of the possibilities for those students who read Rapp's story and then might follow him into his longer works. <517>

More to come as the coffee kicks in.
Current Mood: sleepless in Texas
Kristin Fontichiaroactivelearning on December 5th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
Loved Smith's poems in this book!
Smith's poems, which precede each chapter and follow a variety of forms, are powerful and gripping. To me, they're the best part of this book!