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I know I am still way too tired and sleep-deprived to blog the books I have read in the last couple of days. I can barely get words out here without typos. However, I would be remiss if I did not say one more time how wonderful the entire ALAN Workshop was. Jim Blasingmae managed to pack that two day event with so many authors and educators. Schedules were followed. Sessions were well attended (unlike the nearly empty ones from NCTE itself) even at the bitter end Tuesday as people flew from the room with wheeled luggage to catch flights back home.

I managed to have 3 more days with my family in and out of Disney kingdoms. We laughed at their standard tag line, "Have a magical day," even as ride after ride malfunctioned. Even as they shut down the monorail (and I would love to have known what was going on there since it ws not equipment but something that required lots of guys wearing badges and carrying walkie-talkies searching cars on the train for something). We ate Thanksgiving dinner in Morocco (tabbouleh, hummus, falafel) and I think it was fabulous to have something new and original.

We saw the new Harry Potter movie in IMAX and it, too, was perfect. Large screen, big performances, some humor and such sadness at Dobby. I have not read the book for a while but the resident of the back bedroom assured me it was a true and faithful narrative. The better half shrugged since he has not read any of the books nor seen any movie save the first one. But, hey, we sat through AVATAR so he owed me.

Spent all afternoon today grading work. Not what I had intended (needed a nap more than the grading) but I managed to hold onto the crabby pants and not let them interfere with the grading. Now, one more assignment drops and the semester is over. I have reading lists ready to post for Spring but will do that later in the week. I also suspect there is some knee surgery for me as well during break as I did indeed tear my meniscus before my birthday several weeks ago. Somehow, I managed to limp from place to place for NCTE despite the tear. No other solution since...oh well, that has to wait since the crabby pants are beginning to make me want to rant and rave.

What I can say is that I got to meet some Twitter pals, spend a few minutes with Donalyn and Paul, snatch convos with Kylene and some others. I even managed to sit and chat with some pals from Texas who I seldom see outside of these conferences. So, as I begin this season of Advent, there was a coming together. It was professionally invigorating. It was personally rewarding with family there. And did I mention the books?

Make plans now for Chicago and ALAN 2011 courtesy of Wendy Glenn. Keynote speaker Day #1 is Tobin Anderson. ALAN breakfast speaker is Jacqueline Woodson. Who knows what else might happen in those two days where magic indeed reigns? And if you are ot a member of ALAN, why not join now? Go to for forms. Best deal around. I should know after 25 years.

And Scout is still cllinging to one of us afraid we will leave again. He loves the gal who takes care of him, but he is a people person and he missed having his hoomins around at his beck and call. While I did not miss his 3 am wake up call this morning (though I had been up since 2), I must admit that it is nice to be missed and to be loved unconditionally.

OK, enough. I can tell the level of fatigue from the level of schmaltz coming in this post if I do not end now.
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