professornana (professornana) wrote,

Speak Loudly

It has been 10 days since leaving home and coming to NCTE and ALAN. I have enjoyed having my family here for our little vacation aaa well. Found time to read a few books,did the "magic" kingdom, ate local food, and generally reveled in the escape from all the things that await my return.

One thing, though, that I heard over and over again here at the conaferrece was the exhortation to speak loudly. Heard it from friend, Paul, from the podium at ALAN. Heard it from David Levithan, Ellen Hopkins, and just about every author who spoke. Heard it in slightly different terms from Pat Mora and Margarita Engle who both implored that we find ways to get books about other cultures, people, etc., into the hands of ALL readers (and what a shame that there were fewer than a dozen people in attendance for that session).

I am taking home 5 buttons from the hundreds I brought with me, so I hope that is a good sign we are spreading the word to SpeakLoudly. I think I will do that by sending some more books out to deserving folks, including some of my new Twitter friends who I finally got to meet face to face.

For all of you i had the chance to meet, well, that was the "magic" here.
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