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blessings and mitzvahs to you

Sine I woke early yesterday and today, I have had little trouble finishing up my #bookaday. This morning, I finished this one:

Deutsch was one of the speakers at ALAN. I grabbed a copy of HEREVILLE and picked it up yesterday. An eleven year old Jewish girl longs to fight trolls, hardly a mitzvah. However, she is strong and loves to defend those who would pick on the small and helpless. And so Mirka's adventure begins. It is an adventure that somehow manages to combine Jewish tradition (the debating, the culture, the observances) with great good humor and a little ninja warrior action. Visit the web site for more information on the book and this talented author and illustrator (Amulet 2010).

On a side note, we did two parks yesterday with the better half and the resident of the back bedroom. I rented an electric scooter which got said resident to the front of all the lines she wanted to ride. We set a nice leisurely pace and enjoyed being outdoors. I will say, though, that some (make that most) people find it acceptable to either walk in front of a moving cart or push you aside in their rush to board something before you do. Singularly rude visitors. Manners need to be part of the school curriculum again, I fear. But to end positively: talked to my family and all are well. Spent the day with this family and all is well. Nice to be away for a few days. We return tomorrow to reality, but the break was much needed.
Tags: gn, jewish traditions
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