professornana (professornana) wrote,

sweet relief

Today will be a magical day. At the end of the ALAN workshop yesterday, the resident of the back bedroom and my better half were there to get me and whisk me away from the conference center from hell. We had a lovely dinner and talked. They let me rant a bit moe to get it out of my system. Now, I am watching the sun peeking over the palm trees here at the condo only 15 miles from Disney but miles away from the insanity. I have free internetz. I have graded some work. I have caught up on Facebook and Twitter. I am getting ready to brew coffee. My clothes are clean again. *sighs*

I loved each and every minute of the ALAN workshop. The speakers were awesome. I tried to tweet essences, but just found myself lost in the talks. Thankfully, there were others tweeting, too. I hope those of you who could not be there at least were able to see the feed.

Today is HP movie day. The resident wants massages after that. It might happen. What will definitely happen is that I get to reconnect to the family and be nana. Happy holidays all. I will post about books and reading later. For now, coffee and sunrise.

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