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snatching time

It is time to begin multi-tasking. I need to post about some books before my sleep-deprived brain forgets it all. Here is what I read the firt night when I could not sleep.

THE AMULET OF SAMRAKAND by Jonathan Stroud (Disney/Hyperion 2010) is a faithful, if abridged, version of one of my favorite books. I always cringe when I see it in a new format (GN in this case) hoping it still imparts the flavor and character of the book. This one delivers big time from page one. The color, the format (panels are more flat rectangles and smaller but still readily convey the bustle and frenetic energy of the book. Nathaniel is a magician in training. He invokes an ancient djinn, Bartimaeus, to help him. Of course things rocket out of control. While I always hope that the GN leads readers to the book itself (or, in this case, the series), even if this is the only form in which kids see AMULET OF SAMARKAND, I am OK. They will look for more. Offer them THE LIGHTNING THIEF GN and then offer them ARTEMIS FOWL GN and perhaps even REDWALL GN. There's your ladder for the day. <513>
Tags: adaptations, graphic novels, series
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