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finding the magic finally

After having less than helpful Disney hotel employees trilling into the phone to "have a magical day" I was ready to do harm to the next person who told me about the magic. However, I found the magic. Last night at the ALAN reception I had magical hugs and kisses and conversations with Jo Knowles and Alan Sitomer and so many others. Then dinner with the scrumptious Victoria Stapleton of Little Brown. Jewel Parker Rhodes, Darren SHan, Malindo Lo. Need I say more? Yes, I do. Add in food by Todd English. OMG. Add in lots of fellow ALAN-ers including Walter Mayes, Mary Long, Bonnie Kunzel, Barbara Ward, Don Gallo, C J Bott, and more. I found the magic.

And now the ALAN workshop is underway and the magic is intensifying as we listen to authors and see all the books. SIGH! I am tweeting out as much as I can. My Verizon bill will be more than my hotel bill I suspect.
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