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catching up at NCTE

It was a whirlwind day here and there was little time to tweet (though I did try to tweet from the ALAN Breakfast). Day dawned (well it was still dark when we left the casita) for the ALAN Breakfast.

Jack Gantos made us all laugh as he accepted the ALAN Award (I also managed to sneak in a hug and kiss). Chris Crowe made us well up with tears as he accepted the Hipple Award for his service to ALAN. And then there was Gary Paulsen...I got to sit next to him at breakfast and catch up Paulsen style. The man is one of my favorite people on the planet. He once again praised books and librarians for saving his life.

Then it was off to the YACHT and BEACH Club (via cab as it takes 10 minutes versus an hour). We had our Standing Committee Against Censorship meeting and got a lot of work done and even more to do after conference.

Then, a quick bite and off to the presentation with Joan Kaywell, David Moshman, and ReLeah Lent on censorship. It was lightly attended, but it was still a fabulous session. (Note to NCTE: if the Disney hotel offers reduced tickets to the park after 4 pm, maybe your sessions need to end then, too?).

Finally, a most wondrous dinner with the MacMillan folks. Jack Gantos, Margarita Engle, George O'Connor, Ellen Potter, Barbara O'Connor, Alyson Noel. Great food including key lime pie. Yummo.

Now, I must grab more than a few hours of sleep. I am dragging. Tomorrow's first session for me is not until 11 at the other hotel. I plan to sleep in. After the USBBY session is an interview and then dinner with the lovely and well-shod (I am just guessing here) Victoria Stapleton.

I will post about the book I have read. Now, I plan to take a new one to bed with me.

Still not feeling the "magic," but definitely feeling the pie.
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