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news from NCTE

Well, the lights are not even up here in the Magic Kingdom and I am sitting in the dark blogging about Day #1 at NCTE. Spent the morning in a USBBY (United States Board on Books for Young People) meeting at the other hotel. Caught a cab there with VP Elect Sandy Hayes and fellow USBBY member Nancy Hadaway. Turned out to tbe the best way to get from the Coronado to the Yacht and Beach. There is supposed to be a direct link today. However, all my meetings are here today, so...

Anyhow, morning meetings. Came back to Coronado to grab leftover pizza from the night before and change for my session. Found my way through the halls of the convention center at the hotel, stopping for some hugs along the way from folks I only get to see at conferences (though some of them live minutes away). Got to the room and set up equipment and distributed bags of SpeakLoudly buttons (I still have plenty more for the next couple of days). Then, I finally had time to sit and visit with friends I had not met yet. Who is that? The Twitter peeps who are part of my PLN were there. I know I will forget to mention some, so pardon me in advance. Mindi was right there in front and I recognized her from her Twitter photo. Before long in walked Mr. Hankins himself resplendent in a red sweater. Ttoally blew me away since I thought he ws in another meeting. So good to see him in person. Shortly after, in walks the Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller, someone else I thought might not make the session due to flight schedules. Hugs all around, especially for those who had never met face to face. Then, papparazi time as we all had photos to take.

The session was a blur for me. I never know how things went until someone lets me know afterward. I do think I mostly spoke in complete sentences and made some sense. I do know we laughed and that is a good sign.

After that session, I spent an hour in the "business" office (those are ironic quotes in case you cannot tell) waiting to print one page. Then I rushed to the Opening General Session. I was fortunate to have the privilege to present the NCTE Intellectual Freedom Award to David Protess of the Innocence Project. I also got to meet the newly recognized early career teacher of color. We had a lovely visit before things got underway.

Then, it was back here and total exhaustion. The knee (and it turns out I do have extensive damage to the meniscus which will have to wait until I get bck home and get the next doc appointment set) was yelling that if I did not rest now it would not work in the morning.

So, here I am. Up, throbbing knee, trying to blog and then catch Twitter feed. Hope to be better tweeter today as my meetings are here and I will use the phone instead. Did I mention the lack of free Internetz?
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