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Not much to tweet or blog about today. Left the hotel early for my 9 am meeting in the OTHER hotel. Ended up sharing cab with 2 others to get to said hotel within the hour allotted. Should have shuttles tomorrow between the two hotels according to rumor (btu have seen nothing in writing).

Spending morning in Ariel's room (dark and aquatic design) at USBBY meeting before cabbing back to OTHER hotel for the session I am doing this afternoon. Hope to see some of you on the bus or the sidewalk or somewhere. Have tons of buttons and will hand them out this afternoon at my session at the Coronado at 2:30. Will have plenty left for tomorrow and perhaps at the ALAN breakfast Saturday.

Am trying to put on my happy face today in midst of debacle having to be in far flung places is causing. Did not plan to spend $$$$ daily to cab between meeting places. But, hey it's only money, right?

Back to the meeting.
Tags: meetings, transportation
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