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How do they do it?

How does an author tackle a subject so disturbing with language so lyrical that the rhythm lulls the reader further and further into the darkness of the story it tells? Patricia McCormick has managed to do this in her first two books, CUT and MY BROTHER'S KEEPER. In SOLD, she proves once more that she is able to take on the most sinister aspects of humanity and breathe into it something rare and valuable: HOPE. Sold is the tale of Lakshmi, a 12 year old girl of Nepal who is sold into sexual slavery by her stepfather. Lakshmi is plunged into the depravity of sexual servitude, almost losing her identity in the process. The simple kindnesses of a fellow brothel dweller, a tea seller, and a handful of others whose lives intersect hers keep Lakshmi's dreams of returning home alive. McCormick is a wordsmith whose novel in verse is spare and rich in turns. The story rings so true that readers will find themselves moved to the same set of emotions Lakshmi experiences across the landscape of her journey from Nepal to Calcutta.

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