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plane reading

Not a long flight to Orlando, but it was sufficient for me to read a second graphic novel.

THE LIGHTNING THIEF, graphic novel version adapted by Robert Venditti is a great way for those who do not already know the series to give it a go. And, actually, I enjoyed revisiting Percy and his pals as well. It is a quick moving and fast paced adaptation, one that will appeal to reluctant readers and perhaps interest them in the series. Much is left out, of course, or the GN would be longer than the original novel. My one complaint was not the loss of some of the funniest moments in the book (because they are locked inside me already), I thought Percy looked too cute, almost a bit too buff for his role and Grover looked a tad too stoner dude in places. But that is also part of what is locked inside my head since I read books and create mental images of the characters. That criticism aside, the art is terrific with details aplenty and colors that reflect the changes in mood and tone. It would be interesting to ask fans of the series to compare and contrast and critique. <512>
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