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Flying and reading

Despite being dropped off at the airport, I did not have a lot of time to sit and read before the flight due to LONG security lines. No pat downs or full body scans (drat!) just no Elite lines. One long line with all the people who had not flown since the 80s apparently and were unaware of the need to bag toiletries, remoce shoes, etc. Really, where do these folks live? Under rocks? **sighs**

I did manage to read this lovely graphic novel, though, before take off. THE ZABIME SISTERS by Aristophane (First Second 2010) is translated from the French. Here is the story of three sisters, M-Rose, Ella, and Celina. They live on the Caribbean island of Guadalupe. It is the first day of summer vacation and the three wander through the orchard of a neighbor, witness a fight between two mismatched opponents, and even manage to find time to bicker and tease as sisters will do everywhere. There is something about the universality of childhood experiences that serves as a terrific and instructive juxtaposition to the different setting and the highly stylized black and white illustrations. The art reflects much of the dense jungle like growth around the girls' home and the interplay of light, lots of sunlight, with the dark canopy above.


Now on to the not so wonderful world of Disney here in Orlando. The hotels are NOT near one another folks. The bus that runs from this hotel around to the others is a one hour loop. I do not know if there are other transportation arrangements made by NCTE since I have spent a few hours just getting checked in, finding a place to make cell calls (the signal SUCKS!!!) and getting my own modem up and running (no wireless at all here and internetz costs per room). Not a happy camper. Tempted to pack up and head home right now. But will try to find a way across the kingdom for a meeting at the other hotel in the morning and then back here for the two other meetings. I have some time to do that tomorrow. However, on the days where I have 15 minutes.....well, I think I might just not make it.

Do find me tomorrow back at Coronado Springs for a SPEAKLOUDLY BUTTON. I will have them in the session I am doing at 2:30. After that, who knows where I will be, but I will be wheeling them around somewhere in the Magic Kingdom. Hope to tweet tomorrow and be more positive. No promises.

One last thing. HURRAH for our own LJ THUNDERCHIKIN: BLACK HOLE SUN is on the best fiction list from SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL. Aw, chikin, we knew ye when.....
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