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abbreviated Picture Book Monday

One final office day before leaving for Orlando and NCTE meant there was precious little time to even sneak a picture book. So, here I am in the office after dark, trying to get in a few before heading home. I promise more books after the conference and the holiday (Thanksgiving).

The Toon Books, whose imprint is supervised by Art Spiegelman, offer readers a chance to enjoy comics at a younger age. It also is prereading of sorts for the graphic novels they will encounter much later. ZIG AND WIKKI IN SOMETHING ATE MY HOMEWORK by Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler tells the story of two beings who land on an aline planet. They try to capture some of the strange beings for science homework. However, frogs, raccoons, and others elude capture nicely. Just when it seems as though Zig might just fail his assignment, a miracle occurs. (Toon Books, 2010). <508>

SILLY LILLY AND THE FOUR SEASONS by Agnes Rosenstiehl presents an exuberant Lilly who gallivants across the pages of each season. Readers will follow her antics as she dances and swims and plays in the snow. This is what a good basic reader should look like: lively and fun and spare in text. (Toon Books 2008). <509>

Finally, Mo Willems gives us all something to smile about in WE ARE IN A BOOK (Hyperion 2010) featuring those two fast friends, elephant and piggie. Piggie is the first to notice that people are looking at them. She announces those nosy folks are readers and tells Elephant that she can get them to say words just by putting them in the book. Elephant wants to play along but is worried that the end of the book is nearing and he does not know what to do or say. Willems breaks down that wall between reader and character nicely here in an easy reader that is totally interactive. <510>

And now, away into the darkness and home. Tomorrow is filled with appointments: two doctors and one (much needed) hair appointment before heading to Orlando. Hope to see many of you there. I will be blogging and tweeting and communicating from the sessions as much as possible.
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