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NCTE Schedule

For my sanlty and for those of you who might want to obtain a cool SPEAKLOUDLY button, here is where and when I will be speaking at NCTE.


2:30-4:15 Highlight Session: NAKED READING, Coronado, Yucutan Room
I will also be at the Opening General Session from 6:30-8:00 pm in Coronado Ballroom K


2:30-3:45-session on censorship chaired by Carol Bedard with Ellen Hopkins and David Levithan. Coronado, Yucutan Room

4:00-5:00 Signing at the Heinemann Booth for READING LADDERS. Come and say HI, get a button.


7 AM (yes, in the morning): ALAN Breakfast with Gary Paulsen. This is a ticketed event.Coronado Ballroom H
12:00-2:00: Standing Committee against Censorship, OPEN MEETING. Yacht and Beach Club, Ariels Room.
1:15-2:30: (yep, I need to be in two places at the same time). Chairing session on Award books with Daria Plumb, Jennifer Buehler, Jennifer Walsh. Yacht and Beach, Asbury A Room
4:15-5:30: Censorship session with Joan Kaywell and ReLeah Lent, Yacht and Beach, Cape Cod B


11:30-12:45 USBBY session on books celebrating Pura Belpre Award with Pat Mora and Margarita Engle. Yacht and Beach, Cape Cod A


THE REMARKABLE ALAN WORKSHOP COronado Ballroom H. Ticketed event.
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