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waiting is over for now (well, except for waiting for test results)

So, here is the book I read while waiting for the doctor on Thursday.

WATCH THIS SPACE: DESIGNING, DEFENDING, AND SHARING PUBLIC SPACES by Hadley Dyer and Marc Ngui (Kids Can Press 2010) is a book that should make teens think more about public spaces qand/or the lack thereof. The authors define public space and then provide examples of how public spaces can and should function for the members of a community. Places where people can assemble free of charge may be rare for some of our teens, especially those growing up in suburban and gated communities where there may be a paucity of parks, malls (not the shopping kind) and other public venues. Topics range from designing spaces that permit all sorts of activity (riding, walking, skateboarding, assemblage, dog walking, etc.) to petitioning for more public spaces within a community. Good glossary of terms is included in the back matter. Social studies teachers might find this a valuable text to add to their collections. <506>
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