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12 November 2010 @ 02:26 pm
some final picture books  

LARUE ACORSS AMERICA: POSTCARDS FROM THE VACATION is a sequel to Mark Teague's (Scholastic 2011) thee other LarRue books. Her LaRue and his owner are scheduled for a lovely ocean liner cruise (guess he has not seen the latest headlines about the ship becalmed and without electricity recently) until their neightbor has to be into the hospital leaving her two cats in LarRue's owner's care. So, there goes the vacation aboard the luxuty ship. Instead, LaRue begins a cross country road trip with the kitties on board. As they progress from city to city and state to state, LaReu sends cards about is journey back to the cats' owner. A nice pairing would be with Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummels. HELP ME MR. MUTT! <504>

Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer team up for THE ODIOUS OGRE (Scholastic 2010). This cover is not the one on the final book. Actually, I think that was an excellent change due to the opening lines of the story, too. An ogre terrorizers a town, snatching up tasty people tpo eat. All is hell until he meets his match in the person of a lovely and kind young lady. <505>
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