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quick takes on picture books

I SPY SPECTACULAR by Jean Marzollo with photos by Walter Wick is another in the very popular series. Though intended for much younger audiences, I know many a tween and young teen to sit and pore over the photos to find the missing objects. I wonder if this is akin to my still reading HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN when I see one in a waiting room? <501>

AROUND THE WORLD ON EIGHTY LEGS by Amy Gibson (Scholastic) is a poetry collection that takes readers through various animal species found on different continents. Geography, biology, and poetry all under one roof, to to speak. Daniel Salmeri's illustrations highlight aspects of the animal that are unique to its body, habitat, or actions. <502>

STORY COUNTY by Derek Anderson (Scholastic 2011) finds a farmer surrounded by very diligent animals (pig, cow, dog, chick) who are helping him to build a farm from scratch (literally). Bold illustrations shine and the cartoon figures add to the hilarity of the story. <503>

More to come later. For now, off to a waiting room armed with books (that's right, plural).
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