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more picture books

Miss Cranky Pants, here, once again moaning about the effects of the "fall back" on sleep patterns. Hey, now that we have electricity, could we dispense with this spring ahead-fall back stuff? I am already tired of driving to work with sun in my eyes and coming home with said sum in eyes.

OK, here are some more picture books I read today. I hope to get to a few more before the cat-erwauling cats force me to feed them an hour early.

Pascal Lemaitre gives readers a visual feast with BULLDOG'S BIG DAY (Scholastic 2011). Bulldog is seeking his first job. Nothing seems to work out for him--not firefighter, window washer, sign painter, or bookstore clerk. Eventually Bulldog does find his special talent. <496>

Scholastic's own editor, Arthur A. Levine is the author of MONDAY IS ONE DAY with illustrations by Julian Hector (Scholastic 2011). Parents and children separate for the work and school day but all the while stay in touch while counting down the days and hours til it is time for playing and cuddling and enjoying time together. A quiet affirmation of the power of ALL kinds of families rest in the illustrations. <497>

TONY BALONEY (Scholastic 2011) by Pam Munoz Ryan with illustrations by Edwin Fotheringham is bright and bold and delightful. Tony is the middle child in the penguin family and a lover of all tings macaroni. Sometimes his patience is tried by his younger sibs and his older bossy sister. Being the olny guy can be a pain. But there are rewards for Tony as well. The colors bounce off the page and match the energy of Ryan's text. <498>
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