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Thanks to Scholastic for a nice box of picture books in F&G (folded and gathered) for 2011. Here are the highlights of the ones I have read thus far.

When Imogen goesd to visit her favorite Aunt Sara, she does not want to engage in their usual games that involve dressing up and acting out adventures. I'M ME! by Sara Sheridan and illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain (Scholastic 2011) is a book about the need to be yourself from time to time. What a nice message to kids that it is OK to sometimes pretend and sometimes just be yourself. <493>

And speaking of being yourself, here is a quartet of girls who know how to be stylish and they know that sometimes there is just not the right pair of shoes to be found. SHOE LA LA! by Karen Beaumont has glittery illustrations by LeUyen Pham (Scholastic 2011). <494>

Books abound about the 100th day of school. Here is a new one to add to the collection. THE 100TH DAY by Susan Milord with illustrations by Mary Newell DePalma (Scholastic 2011) focuses on all of the preparations for that special day, one that threatens to overshadow Graham's birthday. Of course, all ends well. <495>
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