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two roads diverged in a woods....

No cover to show you from the book I have been reading in fits and starts and onboard the planes of late. It is a 2011 novel by newcomer Veronica Roth entitled DIVERGENT. Think Hunger Games meets Giver (stole this from Reading Rants) and you have only a partial idea of what to expect.

This futuristic novel has society sorted into five groups: Candor, Amity, Erudite, Dauntless, and Abnegation. When teens turn 16, a ceremony is held. The teens elect which of the five groups they will join. Many will stay within the group they have lived. Some will elect to move to a new group. There is a "test: to help guide them in their choices. For Beatrice, things are a trifle different, though. Her "test" does not show her as having one particular group that will meet her needs. She is a "divergent," and that is not good.

And that is about all I will reveal at this point. This is a novel meant to be experienced with no preconceptions. I saw traces of Hunger Games and The Giver and 1984, and a half dozen other books. However, this one is unique and fascinating. Beatrice, Tris as she becomes after her choosing, is complex. So is the world in which she lives, a world that thought it was solving problems but instead seems to have created new ones. A testament to this book is that I sat up reading it this afternoon despite the bad knee screaming and the fatigue of travel through time zones, and even Scout's insistence on being padi attention. <491>

May 2011 from HarperCollins. DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. Place your orders now. ETA: Here is the cover. I also have it on good authority (thanks, Molly) that there will be a few ARCs at NCTE, too.

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